Michael L. Turney, Ph.D., ABC
Professor Emeritus of Communication
& Independent Consultant

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In addition to teaching and academic administration, my career included news writing, government public information, hosting radio and TV talk shows, conducting public relations and promotional campaigns, and producing multi-media planetarium and museum programs. My titles, employers, and target audiences varied, but I was always trying to provide useful information in a meaningful context.

Now, I'm retired and I'm still doing that, but I have more freedom, flexibility and fun because I'm doing it as an independent consultant and/or volunteer.

ABC - Accredited Business Communicator
International Association of Business Communicators

Ph.D. in mass communication
University of Iowa School of Journalism

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Being retired doesn't mean
I'm not working.
It means I can choose
what I work on and when.


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My decades at NKU were quite a ride.

From the early days when Nunn Hall was the only building on the Northern Kentucky State College campus to the frustration of preparing Northern Kentucky University for SACS re-accreditation was like a thrill-filled roller coaster. Sometimes I laughed. Sometimes I cried. And, sometimes, I wanted to scream. But, what I loved most were the joys and satisfactions of teaching.

Now, I'm officially retired and take delight in being able to ...

  • write and produce whatever I choose;
  • read for pleasure instead of necessity;
  • travel leisurely and without a locked-in itinerary; and
  • live without a wristwatch.

Among my post-retirement projects have been ...

  • a Ken Burns-style documentary about the Sisters of Charity nurses who served during the Civil War;
  • public lectures and on-air discussions about radio news coverage of World War II;
  • a strategic public relations planning workshop for the American Association of Port Authorities;
  • coaching candidates who tested for and successfully achieved IABC professional accreditation; and
  • recruiting and training local field workers for the U.S. Census Bureau.


If you need a communication consultant, teacher, or presenter,

I'm particularly adept at strategic public relations planning,
crisis communication,
hands-on writing workshops, and
explaining the socio-cultural impacts of mass media.

Email turney@nku.edu .

MLT in Costa Rica

22 February 2016